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Your Song, Written
by Myko Summit

It's a curse as old as music itself - a talented voice born to sing, but with no lyrical prowess to put those pipes to use. Or, maybe you've already written a good chunk of a song, but can't seem to figure out how the rest of it should go. Either way, I'm ready & willing to help out!

Ghostwriting is commonplace in the music industry, even in a genre like hip-hop where your value is determined in no small part by your ability to be a lyrical acrobat. I have over a decade of songwriting experience behind me, and I'm always writing. If you find yourself in need of a writer, a co-writer, or just a review from a peer with some tips, I'm happy to help!


I charge $75 to write a full song for your voice, or $30 for individual sections of songs. I charge less for smaller tasks like reviewing and advising, so whatever you need, just contact me on social media or shoot me an email!

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