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Your Song, Featuring
Myko Summit

One of my favorite things to do in music is to collaborate with other artists! I love featuring other artists on my songs, and I love being featured on songs by other artists.

The spirit of hip-hop music is a competitive one, but when I'm on a song with other artists, I'm not concerned with doing better than they did. I aim to contribute cohesively to the song, and I adapt to each track while bringing my own flavor and style. Don't get me wrong though; despite my less competitive nature, I can keep up with the best of them!


I can do a standard verse or a chorus for $75, or I can do both for $120! If you have something less conventional in mind (back & forth bars, extra long verses, having me just do background vocals, etc.), just hit me up and we'll discuss it! If you have a song you'd like to collaborate with me on, hit me up via email or on social media!


I've collaborated with dozens of talented creators over the years! Here are a handful of my favorites of the collaborations I've done recently.

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