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Hi! I'm Myko Summit, an upcoming lyricist, vocalist, beat-maker, recording engineer, and overall creator, primarily in the genre of rap. I've spent over a decade developing my skills and pushing my career forward. I've worked on several of my own albums and singles, collaborated with countless other artists, and have much more planned for the future!

As a self-taught artist in several fields, I've had the opportunity to pursue my career without needing to pay others for certain services like making beats or hosting recording sessions. This has saved me a bunch of money and helped me to maintain the freedom of being an independent musician. However, nobody can do it alone. The price of maintaining a career as an artist comes at you from all angles, from distribution to website hosting to hiring videographers to investing in advertising, and the list goes on and on.

Being independent of a label or company allows me to create music freely - that means my music will always be heartfelt, honest, meaningful, and motivated by love instead of by sales. Thanks to Patreon, you can help me keep it that way! Together, we can change the dynamic of independent art!

Of course, I wouldn't ask for your assistance without having anything to offer in return. For helping me to do what I love, you'll get access to rewards like early access to new music, free CDs, exclusive content that the public won't get, and even free entry to shows and events - and much more!

I want to thank everybody who has supported me and my music over the years! I couldn't have done it without you, and I hope that you'll continue to join me as I push forward!

Michael "Myko Summit" Tralle

Peak Patron

Pateon Tier 1 - Peak Patron


per month

Join the team to get rewards, including:

  • Early access to new music, before public release

  • Free download of my latest album

Summit Supporter

Pateon Tier 2 - Summit Supporter


per month

Includes ALL rewards from the Peak Patron tier, plus:

  • New physical albums will be shipped to you early, and I will ship you a physical CD of my latest album immediately to get you started!

  • Get involved in the creative decision-making process by voting to decide things like which songs I should remix, which version of cover artwork I use for projects, and more!

  • Be thanked by name in the credits of new content!

Mountain Mover

Pateon Tier 3 - Mountain Mover


per month

Includes ALL rewards from the Peak Patron and Summit Supporter tiers, plus:

  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes access to content like instrumental versions of songs, snippets & rough drafts of in-progress music, and more!

  • Be the absolute first to know whenever I do anything! I picked a release date for a song/album? You'll know it first! I added a new item in the shop? You'll know it first! I'm taking part in a show/event? You'll know it first!

  • Placement on my personal guest list at any events/shows I'm involved in! If I'm in the building, you get in the door for free!

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