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Your Song, Produced
by Myko Summit

What's a song without a beat behind it? A poem? A beat produced by me is just the thing to put that poetry in motion.

I've been making beats for as long as I've been writing songs, and have spent this time sharpening my skills, expanding my knowledge, and exploring the many sounds of the music industry. Primarily, I make rap/hip-hop beats, but I've also crossed over into pop, rock, and much more! I love to make beats from scratch just as much as I like sampling & remixing!

Pricing & Availability

Below, you can find "The Storefront", where you can listen to & purchase a variety of instrumentals that I've produced. These are sold for a one-time fee and are available to anybody who buys them. These beats are great choices for artists who are starting to break into the game and have a limited budget, but still want a quality sound and to own their songs' rights.

Would you like a beat produced exclusively for you? Have you been sitting on an idea of a song you'd like to sample? I also offer custom-made productions for a more premium, but negotiable, price. This is ideal for artists who are more serious about their career and expect absolute originality in their craft.

If you're interested in getting an exclusive, custom beat produced by Myko Summit, or for more information or if you have any questions, email me or hit me up on social media!

The Storefront

Below, you can hear & purchase a variety of different instrumentals that I've produced. These beats are available to be used by anybody who purchases them, and are not offered on an "Exclusive" basis. Purchasing a beat here will give you access to a high-quality MP3 file, but you can email me to request the high-quality WAV file.

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